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Image of Alpha 6 Preserver Bolts & Rattler pack

Alpha 6 Preserver Bolts & Rattler pack


5 Preserver Bolts + 25 Rattlers

Combination of our two newest necessities: the Alpha 6 paint can rattlers and spouts.

Rattlers: Complete stainless steel construction ensures endless reuse and lifetime quality with zero chance of paint contamination. The patented saucer shape allows the rattles to get into the tight corners of the paint can, allowing you to never waste another drop of inaccessible paint. We recommend using up to 5 rattlers per can for optimal function.

Spouts: Don't waste another drop of precious paint! Simply tap and thread bolt into the top of the can. Remove bolt to pour paint as needed, and then screw bolt back in to automatically make an air tight seal.
100% steel construction and 100% reusable.

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